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Learn about Housing, Technical Data, Fan Section,  Accessories, and Tender Specification.


Learn how to select your ideal AHU (Air Handing Units) from a wide range of filters, fans, coils, and motors among other quality specifications.

Unit Mounting and Weather Proof

Learn about the convenient mounting frames for your units according to your local weather conditions.

Energy Recovery

Volta Egypt offers different systems of heat recovery.

  • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Run Around Coils
  • Heat Pipe
  • Heat Wheel

Air Tight Volume Control damper

Opposite acting and aerodynamically shaped damper blades made of extruded aluminium profiles with lip seal, mounted in a frame made of extruded aluminium profile with 30 mm falnge.


The company’s strategy is to bring the experience of well known manufacturers all around the world in the assembly and manufacturing of different components.